zz - The Founder/Winemaker

My grandparents on both sides and also my parents were grape growers, so my childhood was spent in their vineyards.  My parents moved to North Eastern Victoria where Dad managed a vineyard for Australia’s then largest family winemakers, Seppelts.
In 1965 I followed a natural path and started as a trainee winemaker at Seppelt’s Rutherglen winery.

It was a wonderful apprenticeship in the old, ordered, slow and gentle Australian wine trade.  The wines I drank, the winemakers from previous generations with whom I associated and everything I absorbed in that period had a major influence on the way Rockford is today.  Although I’ve spent all my life in vineyards and wineries, the pleasure I derive from walking through rows of vines and stacks of casks full of wine has not diminished.